F-104A/B for Taiwan

Last revised December 5, 1999

The Starfighter had first operated from Formosa when the 83rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron was temporarily deployed to the Republic of China during the Quemoy crisis. It is believed that the aircraft of this unit were transferred to the Republic of China air force in 1960-61, although the exact number is uncertain. Most sources indicate that the number of ex-USAF F-104As and Bs transferred to the RoCAF were 25 and 2, respectively. RoC serials were 4210/4225 and 4101/4102. During the years 1964 through 1969, these aircraft were supplemented by deliveries of later Starfighter versions such as F-104Gs, TF-104G, and RF-104Gs. In 1969, 18 of these early-model RoCAF F-104As were transferred to Jordan.


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