Starfighters for Denmark

Last revised December 12, 1999

In November of 1964, the Kongelige Danske Flyvevaben (Royal Danish Air Force) received twenty-five Canadian-built F-104Gs and four Lockheed-built TF-104Gs through the US Mutual Aid Program. These equipped two units (Esk 723 and Esk 726), both based at Aalborg.

Attrition was made up by the transfer in 1972-74 of 22 ex-Canadian Forces Starfighters (15 CF-104s and seven CF-104Ds). The CF-104Ds were specially modified for use by Esk 726 in the electronics countermeasures role.

Esk 723 was disbanded on January 1, 1983. Esk 726 was disbanded on April 30, 1986. The Starfighters were then all retired from Danish service, with the exception of four aircraft retained for target-towing duty. Of the 51 Starfighters operated by the RDAF between 1965 and 1986, 12 were lost in accidents, a rate of 23.5 percent. The surviving Lockheed-built MAP-funded F-104Gs and three TF-104Gs were transferred to Taiwan in 1987.

RDAF units using the Starfighter:


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