Starfighters with Greece

Last revised December 12, 1999

The Elliniki Vassiliki Aeroporia (Royal Hellenic Air Force) of Greece was initially allocated 35 Canadair-built F-104Gs plus four Lockheed-built TF-104Gs. Deliveries began in 1964. Another 10 MAP-funded Lockheed-built F-104Gs and two TF-104G were later delivered to Greece from USAF stocks.

The Starfighters were first issued to 335 Mira "Tiger" squadron in the 114th Pterix (Wing) based at Tanagra. It was soon followed by 336 "Olympus" Mira of the 116th Wing at Araxos. These two squadrons were initially dedicated to nuclear strike roles within the 1st Tactical Air Force as a part of Greece's commitment to NATO, but they reverted to the conventional strike role in the early 1970s.

Attrition was made up by the transfer of nine F-104Gs from Spain in 1972 and two TF-104Gs from Germany in 1977. In mid-1982, 10 Fiat-built F-104Gs were transferred from the Netherlands to Greece.

Throughout the 1980s, the Federal Republic of Germany continuously transferred ex-Luftwaffe and ex-Marineflieger Starfighters to Greece as part of Bonn's "Minerva" military aid program to Greece. This eventually involved 22 RF-104Gs, 38 F-104Gs, and 20 TF-104Gs. However, not all of these aircraft were placed in RHAF service, some remaining in storage or used for spares.



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